installation (150x200 sm), 2014

More than 5 years I save birds and wild animals. And the most abhored creatures- city pigeons need help more often than anyone else. There is an old saying, that each doctor has his own little cemetery. I’m not a doctor, I’m a bird-saver, and I have my own imaginary columbarium, heavenly dovecote for anyone who was not saved.

Somebody died because of disease, or trauma, in someone’s death I blame myself because I didn’t nurse them so good as I could. But I remember everyone- dead or alive.

Project «Columbarium» dedicated to tragic destiny of pigeon Peter and his wife. I got Peter in March 2011. He had very hard craniocerebral injury, couldn’t eat for half a year, had awful convulsions, I had to feed him by force. Usually birds with such injuries became cripples for all their live. Two and a half years Peter lived in a cage, but in summer 2013 he escaped- opened the door of a cage and flew away from the balcony. I was sure that he died- but after a week of roam he found the way to the home and returned. He was skinny and dirty and frightened, but alive. His character changed, he became tame, entered my flat, walked around the room. He lived on a balcony in an old cupboard. In a time he had a girlfriend and they started to live together, making a nest. But that autumn there was a rat poison in our yard and birds ate it, so I have never seen Peter or his wife again. They had no chicks and in spite of that I did all to prevent such causes, I always think that I didn’t do enough.