Sonido del Silencio (primary source)

watercolor (4x6)

"Sonido del Silencio" is Spanish for the sound of silence. It refers to the unrecorded histories (personal and collective) that remain imprinted on the subjects (consciously or unconsciously) that were rendered witnesses or participants. This art piece honors the silences that went unheard or undocumented, despite the bystanders that were there to perceive or report the violent and/or unjustified acts. The neglect that would have rendered  this silence invisible is countered by the hues and contours that dare to remember, recall, and interact with the formation of the raw emotions and/or memories. The elements and properties engage in a very intimate dialogue by lending themselves as tools to locate and process these emotions, memories, events and/or histories from a space that is inhabited by the disinhabited that collectively and progressively dare to manifest and reclaim their dignity, bodies, space, and community.