My Thin-King [Yahir]

Acrylic on Canvas

I wrote a song to my partner this past year and in it I had a word-play lyric saying:

'He's always on my mind / Standing tall and strong / He is my thin-king '
When I reread the lyrics one day I got this image in my head and I drew it out, then painted it on a canvas.
It is the visual interpretation of my lyrics; the painting depicts a stylized brain and in the brain is the 
figure of a man flexing his arms. I painted a crown on his head (at the top of the brain - like the crown chakra) 
with the word 'My' in it, shaping the crown. I used word play to say 'thinking' and have it also signify 'thin king'.
I really liked the painting so I decided to add it to my portfolio!