When I started my art education in childhood, my art teacher told me at first that “what is line? going from one dot to another dot make a line, with a line you can make different character of shapes” but the question (what is line?)still giving me poke; still I’m learning and searching about line; what is line ? What a line can do? What a line can create? Line means is not only a combination between two dots; sometime it might be carry some different meanings according to different spaces.
The concept of my works basically came from my first art education – Making of a straight line, habit of scribbling, and making one form to another form, Observing lines like line of smoke, pipe line, line of ant, line of bus stand, line of railway, eyeliner, line of spider net, line of electric cord and many more. Daily life of journey is also a part of my art practices which is creating a dramatic narration every day, where ‘I and Lines’ are the leading characters of this daily drama.