My installation uses diorama as a point of entry to probe the tensions between knowledge produced by objective scrutiny and subjective readings, the lines between what’s known and what’s considered unknown, how epistemology(knowledge) arrives at certain set of canons to represent/deal with the Known and the Unknown, which might be cultural in nature and may or may not be functional in a universal sense, but often are imposed by agencies of power. With these set of concerns I use chaos, disorder and rupture as a strategy while dealing with dioramas. Diorama’s that are schematized, that gets displayed following strict orders, to facilitate particular kind of viewership/readings. But for my work I focus on instinct, spontaneity and disorder, to give a sense of disaster.

My works are painterly and uses landscape as a trope to highlight and historicize the issues of perception, objectification and the meanings it generates, which further opens up debate of agency (who own, who preaches, and who forces us to look towards the landscape in a certain ways by altering its purpose and rising our psych to the consciousness of objectification and meaning creation, Which Simulates us as if it would reveal something which it never do but oppresses the other ways of being, That also made me believe that the world in which we live is like diorama, where we are being secluded from the real by the very set of knowledge we have of it.

Take a look at Ankara’s project, ‘Orbiting the Black Sun’