Meet Magisha Yves Daudi living in Zambia.
He creates innovative conceptual drawings and paintings on paper and canvas and engages in multi disciplinary modes of art. Bad economy, peace, black power, culture and corruption are few aspects of his current research and artistic practice.
Popularly known as Daudi, his focus is to inspire, answer to common issues affecting both local and the whole African communities, and hopes to do this with just charcoal, paint, paper and canvas.
In 2018 Magisha Yves Daudi won 2nd place in the AFRICA FREEDOM DAY COMPETITION hosted by Twin Palm Mall. He worked with Osisa Kaumba Arts Gallery in Zimbabwe ILLICIT FINANCIAL FLOWS project, which focused on bad effect of financial flows and coruption activities in many parts of Zambia. He is an inspiration for young artists of his age, for how he uses his art to speak and educate about peace, culture, and change.